The second Cheapest Data Package of the World offered by T-Mobile

A fresh report from the popular research agency, ABI Research has brought to light that the Mobile Broadband Plus package of T-Mobile, one of the leading mobile network operators of the United Kingdom, was second only to a mobile offering in Indonesia.

The findings of ABI Research put the British mobile broadband provider in the second place; thanks to its Mobile Broadband Plus unlimited broadband package that comes with a price tag of just GBP 10 a month.

The Mobile Broadband Plus unlimited mobile broadband package floated by T-Mobile was only behind the StarOne BIS unlimited mobile broadband service from the popular Indonesian mobile operator, Indosat that costs just GBP 8.35 a month.

The report from ABI Research has also revealed that Asian perators, in general, offered the cheapest broadband internet packages; thanks to the links enjoyed by them to the governments of their respective countries. Nevertheless, ABI boded that this could change.

The associate to ABI Research, Lim Shiyang said that the partial deregulation of the Asian telecommunications segment had paved way for a market based competition model. He added that a change has been witnessed in the industry dynamics as prices presently depended on competition with the countries rather than the price caps.

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