Three and Everything Everywhere gets 4G allocation

Three network provider in the UK is said to be in the way of purchasing fragment of the spectrum for 4G mobile service of Everything Everywhere this implies that it will also be allowed to rollout the 4G mobile service for the benefit of its customers by the end of this year.

Ofcom has recently proclaimed that they have agreed Everything Everywhere who is the owner of Orange and T-Mobile with the 1,800MHz 4G bandwidth application enabling the network to deliver the next generation 4G service from the 11th of September 2012, notably just a day before to the rumoured launch of the new iPhone 5.

According to the Financial Times, Everything Everywhere had been compelled to sell part of its spectrum to Three by the European competition authorities.

This move would imply that both the networks have stolen the spectrum from the rival operators Vodafone and O2 who will not be able to rollout the next generation 4G services till the year 2013a after Ofcom has auction the spectrum between the two networks.

Three will also be involved in the auction in the upcoming year when Ofcom agrees how to allocate the remaining 4G spectrum across the nation.

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