Three endows Ceredigion with MiFi Units

One of the leading communications providers in the UK, ‘Three’ is going to offer 20 local businesses and households in the region called Ceredigion with Mi-Fi units as a part of their rollout programme. For a period of one year this would create personal Wi-Fi hotspots. In the Royal British Legion hall in Aberaeon, a community hotspot would be created where anyone could have connection free.

A spokesman of Three said that the broadband access in Ceredigion region is currently nil or even if it has, it is very slow with speeds of about 300 Kbps which makes web browsing at snails speed. It makes the utilization of rich media difficult and the delivery of e-mails very slow. For the very first time in the history of Ceredigion, the Rural Broadband Working Group consisting of Three, The Countryside Alliance and Race Online 2012, decided to bring superfast broadband to Whales.

For upgradation of the network in order to support ever multiplying smartphone use and mobile broadband use, of late the provider has spent 1 million Pounds. The CEO of Three, Mr. David Dyson said that due to the restrictions of fixed-line broadband in the region, many areas are still not able to receive a fairly good land line broadband service. This is the area where the firm is concentrating and the provider wants to extent their service to people who live deep down the valley and those live on the side of the hill. It is the only way to gulf the digital divide that exists in the country. Thanks to the services of the Rural Broadband Working Group, now the people in this region can download emails, stream the web and even do their work at home.

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