Three increases the price due to inflation

Three has proclaimed that they will increase the price by 3.6% on the monthly rental for mobile and phone broadband connections for the prevailing subscriber from 16th of July. The firm claims that this rise in price is because of inflation.

The rise in price will affect all their pay-monthly consumers who registered themselves for the current package on and before 8th of March in this year. This price rise by 3.6 percent implies that a package of £15 will rise by £0.54 in a month and a monthly plan of £41 by £1.48. The increase in price will be related to total monthly price of a pack and it will not be applied to any add-on service. PAYG users will not be affected with its rise of price.

The affected customers will receive an email, sms or letter by the 1st of June 2012 with the detail information of how much the increase the individual need to pay. It will come in effect from the first bill payment that the consumers make from 16th of July. Their website will offer more information regarding the price rise.

After past long nine years, the company has increased the price for the first time for contract mobile phone customers. Their terms and conditions allow the increase of price due to inflation so the customers will not be able cancel their contract early. Those Customers who are still planning to cancel their agreement will need to pay cancellation charges.

In the last six months, the other providers such as T-Mobile and Orange have also increased the price without allowing their customers to cancel the agreement while the regulator was in favour of the providers.

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