Three plans to expand

Ever since the company was started way back nine years ago in 2003 in the UK, they have been experiencing steady development.

With unprecedented growth ever since its inception operator Three can now contend with the big operators like O2, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

The wonderful thing is there does not seem to be any let up in the momentum of Three’s growth either. They company is now planning on increasing their customer data base to ten million in another three years. It had been reported by MobileToday that the operator would be adding to their existing retail outlets through out the UK so that their objective could be met.

The operator at present has 328 stores in the country and they anticipate that they would be able to enhance this to 400 in the course of the coming two years other than also increasing their presence via retail outlets. Three also have ideas to expand the number of their network locations from 12,600 to 18,000 by the year 2015 to have enough room for their customer base and their ever increasing requirements.

Another feather in the cap for the mobile network operator was that 89 percent of their sales have been direct in comparison to the 15 percent that they had in the year 2007. Moreover Three have also succeeded in lowering their churn rate from 1.7 percent to 1.1 percent in the same time frame the previous year.

Their greatest challenge for Three currently is to deal with the growing demand for 3G mobile data. The network operator has experienced four times its growth in their mobile data use in the past one year.

The company has been leaders in mobile broadband and were their first to provide free mobile data in a certain mobile tariff of theirs. In fact this was one of the major causes for their success, other than providing great facilities and service at fantastic costs.

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