Three Seems to Play down It’s Assertions on the 4 G Rollout

Mobile operators Three seems to play down a post on their blog that claimed that the operator was planning to provide 4G mobile broadband in the country this current year.

The initial post that came out on Wednesday hinting that the mobile operator would be selling a very fast edition of 3G i.e. the 42Mbps HSPA+ technology that could be considered as 4G. It is understood that this was what was being dome by T-Mobile in the United States.

Nevertheless after talking so much about the comprehensive coverage of its 4G strategy, Three seems to have pulled back, altering the post by referring to their forthcoming ‘leading edge 3G services’ as the heading for their blogspot.

A Three representative was said to have informed ZDNet UK on Thursday that it was their mistake and that it was quite certainly 3G and in no way was it 4G.

HSPA+ could probably be fast, but it was definitely not 4G, neither was LTE till the end of the year 2010. LTE was one technology that many people thought had lately become 4G.

As far as the advantages over the 3G technology like HSPA+ LTE was not just faster, but it was spectrally far more effective that the standards that were there earlier though with lowered latency.

The spectrum that is required to provide the LTE in London will be sold rather late towards the latter part this year. Once that is over there are chances that Three would be ready to deliver its initial 4G facilities in the UK.

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