Three to launch 4G mobile services

Three, one of the four major providers in the UK, has decided to buy part of the 4G spectrum from Everything Everywhere. The parent company of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK, Everything Everywhere was granted permission by Ofcom to launch 4G services in the UK ahead of its rivals.

Ofcom has permitted Everything Everywhere to use its 1800 MHz spectrum for launching super-fast mobile services and currently Three is purchasing some of this spectrum. Everything Everywhere has agreed to sell some of its prized spectrum to Three for the reason that the company is obliged to sell 2 X 15MHz spectrum as per its merger agreement. With a view to ensure fair competition this clause was included in the merger agreement and that was approved by the European Commission.

At present it seems that the inclusion of that condition by European Commission has become a boon to Three. Three is expected to launch the new generation mobile broadband services when everything Everywhere clears the spectrum. A spokesman Everything Everywhere told TechRadar that the company as per its merger commitments has reached an agreement with Three for the sale of the concerned spectrum. The regulator as well as the European Commission would monitor the developments and with in three months they will make their comments.

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