Three’s Mobile the Best for UK Mobile Broadband

As per a 250 mile comparison test conducted by Broadband Genie, which is a comparison website, the most excellent network for mobile broadband in the UK would be Three. Another firm off-Grid is also looking for a partnership to conduct such a comparison study in the United States. Interested parties could get in touch via

As per the reports from Broadband Genie, Three offers the most excellent broadband encounter while travelling. The test was carried out wherein six dongles were taken on a 250 mile journey by train commencing at Cambridge with Exeter as the destination point. The six dongles were put against each other head on, in a number of different challenges on the way and eventually it found that Three came out the Winners.

The 2012 Road Trip examined dongles from Orange, O2, Virgin Media and Three. The challenges consisted of test for speed, time taken for downloading files from the BBC and, music from Spotify and streaming of HD video from YouTube and Vimeo. The dongles were tested not just for their speed, but also for the reliability and coverage that was provided by each of the networks. The quality of the dongles themselves and their software were also examined.

Head of Broadband Devices at Three, Mr. Mark Brewer stated that they were really excited that the best dongles from Three was taken for this test by Broadband Genie. The premium dongles have speeds of up to 40 percent quicker than their rivals thereby making it ideal for travellers.

Vodafone as well as T-Mobile exhibited good performances, offering reliable connectivity that permitted them to accomplish most of the challenges and also showed remarkable download and upload speeds as well as excellent speeds in the speed tests. Nevertheless, Three stood apart for the second consecutive year, being able to finish more tests than any of their rival networks with terrific speeds throughout the testing.

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