Trial Stores to be launched by Everything Everywhere

The group created as a result of the merger between two of the leading mobile broadband networks operating in the United Kingdom, T-Mobile and Orange UK has plans to launch five trial stores for seeing how customers were to react to the rebranding.

Across the United Kingdom, T-Mobile and Orange UK combinedly boast of 720 retail stores, although the new company Everything Everywhere still wants to see the way customers would be reacting to the fresh branding.

It is worth noting here that the the joint venture, Everything Everywhere was criticised for not using the already established Orange and T-Mobile names at the time of its announcement.

It has been reported that Altrincam will be seeing the opening of the first of the trial stores. This will be followed by more in Eltham, Bishops Stortford, Evesham and Lowestoft. According to the firm, the fresh stores would be selling mobile devices from both T-Mobile and Orange, along with mobile phone and tablet PC accessories.

Everything Everywhere explained that the stores would be offering an interactive video display, which would manage fresh contrracts as well as the account information of the consumers, while the staff would be focussing on informing the visiting customers regarding technology.

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