Virgin Media also to take part in the 4G spectrum auction

Apart from ‘Three’, ‘Virgin Mobile’ is also intending to purchase 4G spectrum and wants to participate in the auction saying that its future business depend on the spectrum.

According to a rival network operator, it is ideal for every real player to take part in the auction. Virgin Mobile is not a second class contractor. It will be very expensive to build a national network to improve its business. It will be surprising if Virgin Media opts for the 800 MHz.

Jamie Heywood of Virgin Mobile justified the company’s move in going for the bid, saying that the company is prompted to do so in view of the larger demand for data among the users. Mobile data is increasing at the rate of 20% every year, which is not surprising. The customers are going in for the best networks of 3G. The company does not want to lose the customers. It wants to satisfy them.

It means that Virgin will be one of the bidders for 4G spectrums apart from Vodafone, Everything Everywhere, O2 and Three.

The 4G auction is to take place before the end of the year for the spectrum in 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2.6GHz bands.

According to Matthew Howett, the telecom analyst at Ovum, if any new player wants to establish in the national network it has to grab considerable amount of spectrum in the auction. It also will have to take the help of other operators if it is unable to cover certain areas by itself.

The new participants gather some spectrum in the 2.6HGz bands for use in business areas and towns and cities. This spectrum will suit those interested in giving data intense services.

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