Virgin Media Business conducted mobile broadband trials

Virgin Media Business which is the infrastructure provider says that it has successfully conducted small mobile broadband trials based on cell in the two cities of the UK.

It has been claimed that the provider has tested successfully cell-based new mobile broadband technology.

The company says that they achieved the download speeds that are up to three times quicker when compared with the present 3G networks when the test took place in the Bristol and Newcastle cities of the UK.

According to the Virgin Media Business, the small cells offer more robust and faster internet connections in relation to that of existing Wi-Fi or 3G technology.

Mr. Kevin Baughan who is the director of the wireless at the Virgin Media Business told that the company is incredibly delighted to reach at the very vanguard of the access of small cell radio network tests.

He also stated that in the coming future, the cities is going to demand for ever faster internet connectivity as well as with the mobile broadband ready for the explosive development, small cells are providing a way ahead that will boost the challenge in the super fast internet connectivity even on the go.

He also said that the company has gone a step further towards the coming future, where the ubiquitous super fast internet connectivity will become the norm.

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