Virgin Media has Recorded 2.7 Million Sessions on Wi-Fi Service

It has been reported that the wireless network system provided by one of the major broadband providers, Virgin Media in the London Tube stations has already provided 2.7 million sessions.

Ever since the introduction of the Wi-Fi network by Virgin Media in the London Underground in the earlier part of the current summer, people have availed access of the Internet via the Wi-Fi connectivity for an all told 2.7 million times.

These statistics seems to be forever growing, because all the people who are keenly interested in sports make use of the Wi-Fi facility, as they want to be in with the latest news regarding their favourite event of the London Olympics Games.

During the initial week of the Olympic Games, the number of new sign ups for the wireless service in the London Tube that the broadband provider processed were 43,932, displaying just how extremely popular the facility was.

The provider had planned to get the Wi-Fi broadband to a minimum of 80 underground hubs before the start of the Olympic Games, but managed only 72 stations.

Nevertheless Virgin Media is still devoted to expanding the wireless network system on the London Underground to 120 hubs by the end of the current year.

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