Virgin Media to make changes in terms and conditions in Wi-Fi

Virgin Media has decided to modify the terms and conditions pertaining to the Wi-Fi service for London UnderGround as the wordings provided by them were not agreeable. .

There was a clause by which the network service provider had the right to examine web and email of the users. This is not liked by many users. Even Evening Standard felt that such a clause was unwarranted. There was protest from everywhere, including from the parliament.

But Virgin Media clarified that it was not meant to dictate terms. It has no plans to access the private messages of the individuals. It was only to ensure legal compulsions, like having a control over child porn sites.

However, the company is willing to modify the wordings if it is found unacceptable to the public.

Nick Pickles of Big Brother Watch told Evening Standard that he was happy with the decision of Virgin Media to make changes in the wordings. It is important that everybody should be able to use internet and emails without any observation from anywhere.

Incidentally, Virgin Media has been assigned the responsibility of providing wireless broadband to not less than 80 Underground stations in London before the start of the Olympics. The company has also the task of proving the facility to another 40 stations before the end of 2012.

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