Vodafone’s Answer to Broadband Snooping Allegations

Vodafone UK, one of the leading mobile broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom, which had been accused of illegally snooping on the surfing habits of its mobile broadband consumers, has responded to the allegations made against it.

Although Vodafone had not a clue when contacted first by TechEye, on what the media firm was talking about, later it offered an explanation over the phone.

Vodafone reportedly told TechEye that the Blue Coat filter classified all internet websites into one or more of more than seventy categories, which has been taken by Vodafone for applying the adult bar and rating them as either Universal or Adult to safeguard their young customers.

Vodafone added that with the internet growing at a rapid rate, there were a percentage of websites that have not yet been classified by BlueCoat for their being new. According to the mobile network, when a site not classified was being requested by a user, for being on the safer side, the system tends to pull up the requested page to check to see if there was any obvious material in it, which would neccessitate it to be rated.

Vodafone said that if the content appeared adult, the warning page was displayed, and in case it was not rated adult, it would be served in the normal way to the customers. The operator avered that it preserved customer back up in terms of performance, alongside a no comprise on safety, which was all carried out simultaneously.

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