WHSmith launches FREE Wi-Fi

It has been reported that WHSmith, the High Street stationer has partnered with the Cloud to install Wi-Fi in 603 of its stores across the UK. It is said that in the UK there are more than five million registered wireless broadband users for Cloud.

Consumers shopping in high street chain WHSmith are now offered an opportunity to make use of in-store wireless broadband. Now the service has started to roll out and customers will be able to use for free on devices like tablets and smartphones. The Business Development Director at WHSmith, Ian Sanders said that the firm was always looking for a means to increase the shopping experience of its customers.

He said that internet enabled the firm to impart a lot of information like product lists, search functions or in-depth book reviews which were previously not available in-store, to customers. He added that the firm wants to work with Cloud for the benefit of its customers. Apart from an enhanced shopping experience, the firm hopes that the Wi-Fi will help to sell more Kobo e-Readers.

WHSmith said that currently 60 percent of the consumers are using mobile internet for making purchases and out of that 19 per cent use it for comparing prices and reading product reviews. Mr Sanders hopes that the introduction of Wi-Fi services across the stores would benefit both customers and the stationer.

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