WiMAX2 330Mb Wireless Broadband Technology demonstrated

South Korean communications technology giant Samsung has carried out a demonstration of an early trial of its fresh WiMAX2 wirless broadband technology and devices related to it at the Createc show held in Tokyo.

It is worth mentioning here that the streaming of Full-High Definition 3D videos and sixteen Full-HD videos over four massive Large Format LCD Tvs that ran at the remarkable speed of 330Mbps was managed by the set-up.

The enhanced WiMAX2 technology results form a joint venture headed by both Smasung and Intel. The new technology carries much significance as it is backwards compatible with the devices supportin the existing Mobile WiMAX technology.

At present there a couple of WiMAX forms; Fixed WiMAX and Mobile WiMAX. The first version, which is also known as 802.16d provides for setting a faster WiFi hotspot or an ISP style replacement network, while the second version called 802.16e can be used for a HSPA or 3G substitute by mobile networks.

Nonetheless, it is also fact that neither of the WiMAX versons have had serious takers in the United Kingdom, which is largely focussing on the 4G (Long Term Evolution or LTE) technology for realising fast mobile broadband networks.

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