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Speed:Up to 7.2Mbps
Limit: 3GB
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Speed:Up to 3.6Mbps
Limit: 1GB
Contract: 18 Months
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Speed:Up to 3.6Mbps
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O2 Mobile Broadband

Having earned a good reputation for its reliability and customer service, O2 initially started out in 1985 as Cellnet, Telecom Securicor Cellular Radio Ltd. Acquired by Spanish telecommunication company Telefónica in 2006, O2 was renamed as Telefónica Europe plc. O2 now has become a style brand name of Telefonica’s mobile networks. They are world leaders in providing data services and non voice services both for consumer and business sectors.

They provide 2G mobile broadband services and 3G services with UMTS and HSDPA standards across UK and hold around 18.4million customers in UK.

Package Name Download Limit Speed Monthly cost Details

O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage

O2 mobile is known for its data services like GPRS, HSDPA, WLAN, etc. Their 3G services cover most of the central and southern regions of UK, while the north and the west part of the country still receives either a 2G or no service. The speeds offered by the O2’s 3G broadband is a maximum of 3.6Mbps which is in the process of upgradation. On an average it is calculated to be 1.8Mbps in all parts of UK.

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O2 Mobile Broadband USB Modem

O2 mobile broadband is accessible using the O2 USB modem or USB sticks. These modems are pre-activated and are offered for free, along with any monthly or laptop contract. But the one month contract offers these modems at a minimal charge. They also offer data cards which can be used in the laptops to gain access to the broadband network. All these modems install automatically in a windows computer and are capable of accessing the O2 Wi-Fi zones.

O2 Mobile Broadband Deals

O2 Mobile offers many mobile broadband deals like pay monthly, pay and go, 1 month contract and free laptop deals. All the plans include a mobile broadband dongle either free or at a minimal cost. They also provide a 30 day happiness guarantee for returning the products if unsatisfied.

Pay Monthly

O2 mobile broadband Pay monthly contracts are available for 18 and 24 months with a free USB dongle. Both the plans include a 3GB data allowance at £15 per month and 10GB data allowance at £30 per month. The 24 months plan with 3GB data allowance is offered at £10 for the first 4 months. Also all the mobile broadband plans have an unlimited O2 Wi-Fi access.

Pay as you Go

O2 mobile does not offer a dedicated Pay as you Go modem. Customers who get a short term contract or cancel the pay monthly contract will still have the modem with them. These customers can use these modems and top up as and whenever required. They provide three types of top ups. Pay per day which allows 500MB of data usage at £2 per day, pay per week which allows 1GB of data usage at £7.50 per week and Pay per month which allows 3GB of data usage at £15 per month. All these plans offer unlimited Wi-Fi access to O2 hot-spots in UK.

Short Term Contract

O2 mobile broadband offers a short term contract of 1 month at £15 plus the USB modem at £30. Customers who are new in using broadband connections or unaware of long term contracts can give a try with this 30 day contract which allows 3GB data usage and unlimited Wi-Fi access. Once the 30 days is completed the customer can either cancel or continue to use it as a pay monthly or top up using a pay and go service.

Free Laptop Deals

Users can now subscribe for an O2 mobile broadband and get a free Samsung or Asus laptop. The 15.6” Samsung R519 and Asus 1005H is loaded with Windows operating system and is offered both for free and at a one off cost for the 3GB and 10GB mobile broadband packages. Data usage above the monthly allowance might be charged at 209 per MB for consumers and 1.7p per MB for business users.

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O2 Business Mobile Broadband

O2 also offers its business mobile broadband service for customers as 1GB, 3GB and unlimited data allowance plans. But these plans are available only as a 24 months contract for 1GB at £6.38, 3GB at £10.64 and unlimited plan at £15. All the plans provide the first 3 months free of cost. Unlimited plans are restricted to fair usage policy of 4GB. They also provide free laptops for its business customers along with the 24 months contract.

O2 Mobile Broadband Abroad

O2 Pay monthly mobile broadband customers can activate the roaming facility from online, while the Pay as you Go customers do not have the facility to roam beyond UK. O2 mobile broadband roaming would not be covered in the same monthly bill, instead it will be sent separately. Data usage while roaming across Europe would cost £3 per MB and other countries would cost £6 per MB.

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O2 Mobile Broadband Insurance

To secure the mobile broadband modem and laptops of its customers from against damage or theft, O2 Insurance is offered at £7.50 and £10 per month. These insurances cover loss of the laptops against secure motor vehicles, secure premises, attended theft, accidental damage. They also provide new replacements and cover accessories. These covers will include worldwide cover and abroad replacement as well.

O2 Mobile Broadband Customer Services

O2 mobile broadband offers support to its customer through its telephone customer support. Also they maintain an online support for checking the coverage, speed and setting up of a USB modem. Installation of the software and drivers are also available. Users can also get help from the Virtual chat and Email support.

Customer Service Numbers

Pay monthly
: 0844-847-0202
Pay as you Go
: 0844-809-0222
Customer Service
: 0800-977-7337


: 8am-9pm
: 8am-8pm
: 8am-6pm