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Orange Mobile Broadband

Orange is a France Telecom Brand that was created by Hutchison Telecom in the year 1994. It is the fifth largest mobile operator in the world with a customer base of over 170 million. It is also one of the fastest growing companies in UK which serves 17 million customers with its 2G and 3G services. Orange launched its first WAP phone in the year 2000 providing data services through mobile networks. They are also the first to launch the commercial TV on the mobile service.

Orange mobile broadband is a decent mix of variety, speed and performance. They cover almost 90% of the country with a wide variety of plans to meet the requirements of different markets. They are also in the process of upgrading the speeds and standards of their networks to provide quality, speedy and reliable service.

Package Name Download Limit Speed Monthly cost Details

Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage

Orange mobile claims to be cover more than 95% of the whole of UK. They maintain an integrated mobile service and are known as the largest 2G and 3G integrated network in the country. At present they offer mixed speeds of 3.6Mbps in few areas and 7.2Mbps in others. The upgradation of the speeds will be completed by the end of 2010 offering higher speeds in all parts of the country. Since they run an integrated service they seem to cover most parts of the country except for a few areas in the north. However, 2G networks do not offer better speeds which might be an issue for frequent internet users.

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Orange Mobile Broadband USB Modem

Orange mobile broadband offers two types of USB dongles, E1752 and 515M. These dongles are compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems. They are capable of delivering a maximum download speed of 7.2Mbps and upload speed of 2Mbps. The 515M is a special edition dongle that has a high performance antenna for receiving better signals. It is available with an 8GB micro SD card that can be used as a storage device. The E1752 modem is also offered with pay as you go service at an extra cost of £29, while the 515M is available only with a pay monthly contract but for free.

Orange Mobile Broadband Deals

Orange mobile broadband offers a variety of plans like pay monthly, pay as you go and laptop deals. The data allowance for each package starts from as £5. Also there are many offers available for existing and new orange customers.

Pay Monthly

Orange Pay Monthly contract is available for 12 and 18 months with two different types of dongles that users can choose from. These dongles are offered for free with a monthly data allowance of 500MB to a maximum of 10GB. Depending upon the length of the contract and the download allowance the monthly cost will vary between £5 to a maximum of £28. They also offer unlimited off peak usage and half price for the first 3 months on some of the packages.

Pay as you Go

Orange Pay as you Go mobile broadband is a short term rolling contract for 30 days. They offer the E1752 USB dongle for both 3GB and 10GB at £15 and £25 respectively. The users have to pay £29 and purchase the modem. There are no other offers available with this plan.

Free Laptop Deals

Orange mobile offers a 10.1” Asus laptop and a 15.6” Compaq laptop along with its mobile broadband contract. These laptops are loaded with windows 7 and are available for both 18 and 24 months contract. The mobile broadband laptop package offers a data allowance of 1GB, 3GBand 5GB. Any excess usage would cost 2p per MB. These laptops have a 24 months warranty and are offered either for free or at an initial cost.

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Orange Business Mobile Broadband

Orange business mobile broadband offers ‘business everywhere’ and ‘internet everywhere’ plans for its customers. The business everywhere plans are offered as 12, 18 and 24 months plan at £25, £20 and £15 per month. This plan provides unlimited data usage with complies the fair usage policy of 1GB per day. The internet everywhere plan is available only for 12 and 18 months at a minimum of 500MB to a maximum of 10GB.

Orange Mobile Broadband Abroad

Orange is one of the largest mobile networks in the world with its service running across all the 5 continents. They maintain integrated services at some countries where they own a network. Users can receive seamless roaming across Europe at £2.94 per MB and rest of the world at £6.46 per MB.  Before travelling abroad, the users have to activate these services by calling 150 from a orange mobile or 07973-100-150 from other mobiles.

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Orange Mobile Broadband Customer Services

Orange provides a variety of support option. Using the Online support would resolve most of the technical and billing issues.

Customer Service Numbers

Orange Mobile
: 150
Other phone
: 07973-100-150 [choose option 3]