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T Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile providers based in Germany and owned by Deutsche Telecom. They are voted for being the most stable 3G Mobile broadband operators in the country and have won the Best Mobile Broadband-2009 award conducted by ‘What Mobile’ and the Mobile Industry Awards for their reliable connectivity across the country.

T Mobile offers its mobile broadband service using a HSDPA network based on the 3G standards. They offer many types of modems and plans that provide more flexibility for the users. Since they haven’t established their mobile network to the whole of UK performance of the T-mobile broadband depends on the area where you are. However, all the major cities in UK should be able to receive a better access.

Package Name Download Limit Speed Monthly cost Details

T Mobile Broadband Coverage

T-mobile has been the rated as the largest HSDPA network in UK. This technology is a standard of the 3G networks that can offer a maximum speed of 14.4Mbps. But the overall T-mobile broadband coverage hasn’t covered more than 80% of the country at a maximum speed of 7.2Mbps. Areas where the T-mobile broadband does not have better coverage would be offered with a wireless hot-spot service.

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T-Mobile Broadband USB Modem

T-mobile offers all types of modems like USB sticks, dongles, in-built modems, wireless modems etc. All the modems are capable of offering a maximum speed range between 3.6Mbps to 4.5Mbps. They also offer express data cards that can be plugged in to the laptops to access the t-mobile network. All the USB modem is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

T-Mobile Wireless Internet

T-mobile also offer a wireless mobile broadband device called the Share Dock that is capable of sharing the mobile broadband connection. A USB modem is plugged in to the share dock which will access the 3G network using the SIM card inserted in it. The internet is then shared by multiple users wirelessly using the share dock; however it does not allow file sharing.

T-Mobile Broadband Deals

T-mobile broadband is offered as pay monthly, pay as you go and pay up front contracts.

Pay Monthly

T-mobile broadband offers two types of Pay Monthly contracts for 18 and 24 months. The 18 month contract offers 3GB data usage at £15 per month. The First 3 months are charged at £10 per month. The 24 months plan offers 5GB of data allowance at £30 per month. It also offers SKYPE internet calling facility. Both the plans are provided with a mobile broadband mode that can offer a maximum speed of 4.5Mbps.

Pay as you Go

T-mobile broadband offers its PAY as you Go modem for £19.99 and £29.99. Along with the modem cost users should get a top up for £10 to access the internet. All the modems offer free internet access up to 2GB for the first 30 days, which later can be topped up for £2 a day or £7 a week or £15 a month. These modems offer a maximum speed of 3.6Mbps and are compatible with both Windows and MAC.

Short Term Contract

T-mobile broadband offers short term contract of 3 months and 12 months at £44.99 and £149.99 respectively. It’s a onetime cost which offers 2GB of data allowance each month. Excess usage will be restricted by the fair usage policy. Once the short contract is completed, the modem can be used as a pay as you go device. The modem offers the internet access at a speed of 3.6Mbps.

Free Laptop Deals

T-mobile offers Samsung and Compaq laptop deals with its 24 months mobile broadband. The Compaq is a 15.6” wide display notebook computer and the Samsung is a mini 10” computer which also includes access to the wireless networks.

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T-Mobile Broadband Abroad

T-mobile broadband has its network expanded worldwide with networks available in almost all the countries of the Europe and rest of the world. It is known as the largest GPRS and Wi-Fi networks in the world. Mobile broadband roaming is charged at £1.50 per MB in the European countries and at £7.50 per MB in other parts of the world.

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T-Mobile Broadband Insurance

T-Mobile broadband Insurance offers two types of Insurance for its mobile broadband dongles and laptops. The cost of the Insurance would be 9p per day and 33p per day. This Insurance would be most important for frequent travelers, since it provides security for theft, loss, accidental and liquid damage, breakdown, accessory and software cover, unlimited claims and much.

T-Mobile Broadband Customer Services

T Mobile does not have a dedicated support available all the time for mobile broadband.

Online Support


  1. Online Technical help
  2. Billing and Payment
  3. Email Support


Note: The automated system will try replying your queries; you will be able to send the email only if it’s unable to answer you.

Customer Service Numbers

T-Mobile phone
: 150
Other phone
: 0845-412-5000
Call from abroad
: +44 7953-966-150
Missing Phone
: 0845-412-5000