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3 Mobile Broadband

3 mobile is a UMTS based mobile network which is owned by Hutchison and is operated in 11 countries including United Kingdom. Almost all the 3 Mobile networks run using the 3G standards while there are few base stations which run using the 2G standards. 3 Mobile Broadband was launched in UK in 2007 which gained more than 1 million customers within a year. At present they offer a speed of 7.2Mbps using the HSDPA technology, however they are also in the process of upgrading their speeds to 14.4Mbps using LTE (Long term evolution).

They have signed up a network sharing agreement with T mobile to provide broadband connectivity to almost 98% of the population of UK. It aims to provide internet ready devices and is keen in providing the mobile broadband connectivity at competitive prices. 3 mobile broadband users can also expect the upgradation of the 3G networks to the advanced 4G networks which can offer speeds more than 100Mbps.

Package Name Download Limit Speed Monthly cost Details

3 Mobile Broadband Coverage

3 Mobile is one of the largest 3G broadband providers in the UK. Their Mobile network cover almost 95% of the population of UK which include major cities like London, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Hui, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin etc. Almost 80% of the country is covered using the 3G network while the rest use 2G base stations to communicate. They intensively work to upgrade all the base stations to 3G standards within the end of 2010. Their focus is to build an extraordinary network and help people to communicate the way they want.

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3 Mobile Broadband USB Modem

3 mobile broadband provides many types of USB modem and dongles which can access the internet using a 3 SIM card. All these modems are compatible with windows XP, Vista, Apple Mac 10.4 (Tiger) and Apple Mac 10.5 (leopard). Software upgrades for windows 7 are available in the 3 Mobile website for some of the latest modems. The modem may or might not work with Linux based on the version of the OS. Customers can insert the SIM card in the modem and plug it into the USB port of the computer. The 3Connect software will automatically initialize and start the installation. Once the installation is completed, users can immediately connect to the internet.

3 Mobile Wireless Internet

3 mobile broadband allows sharing of the mobile internet using some of its wireless devices like the wireless router and Mi-Fi router.

Wireless Router

3 Wireless Router is a device that can access the internet using a mobile broadband USB modem. It is connected to an external power source. It can provide internet access to multiple wireless enabled devices and one wired device using the Ethernet. This device is available only in the 3 Store.

Mi-Fi Router

3 Mi-Fi Router can access the internet by itself since the modem is inbuilt. It works using a rechargeable lithium battery. It can allow access to multiple wireless devices and can hold good for 5 hours of browsing.

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3 Mobile Broadband Deals

3 Mobile Broadband offers a wide variety of services like pay monthly, pay as you go, Mi-Fi, Laptop deals etc. All the mobile broadband modem kits are delivered free of cost within a maximum of 3 to 5 business days. Also they provide a 14 day money back guarantee for all the mobile broadband products.

Pay Monthly

3 Mobile broadband pay monthly plans offer the service as 1 month, 18, and 24 months contract. The one month contract offers the USB modem for £9.99 while the other contracts offer the modem free of cost. The minimum data allowance provided by 3 mobile broadband is 1GB at £7.50 per month. Also 3, 5 and 15GB data allowance plan are available at a maximum of £30 per month. Skype to Skype calls are offered for free forever.

Pay as you Go

3 mobile broadband Pay as you go plans are offered at cost of £29.99, £39.99 and £79.99. It includes the cost of the modem and the data allowance of 1GB, 3GB and 12GB respectively. These data allowance are pre-loaded and can be used within 1, 3 and 12 months.

SIM only

3 mobile broadband also offers a SIM only contract for users who have a dongle and would like get a new SIM for any reasons like list, damaged or deactivated. These 3 SIM’s can be purchased as a 1 month contract at £15 which also includes 3GB allowance for the first month. The SIM card offers 3GB of data at £15 every month while any extra usage is charged at £0.10 per MB.

Mi-Fi deals

3 Mi-Fi mobile broadband is offered as both pay monthly and pay as you go service. Mi-Fi Pay monthly plans are offered as 1GB, 3GB and 5GB at a minimum cost of £7.50 and maximum cost of £23 per month. These contracts are available for 1 Month, 18 months and 24 months. Some plans offer the Mi-Fi modem free of cost, while some provide the Mi-Fi modems at £39.99 and £49.99.

Free Laptop deals

3 mobile offers free laptops as a bundled package along with the mobile broadband dongles. They offer the best branded laptops like Compaq, HP, Toshiba and Samsung which are available at 10, 11, 13 and 15 inches. Users can sign up for an 18 or 24 months contract and get a laptop for as low as £17.50 per month.

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Bundle Packages

3 Mobile broadband is also offered as bundled packages along with 3 mobile phones. The Mi-Fi modem is bundled with an 8GB I-pod touch plus 5GB data allowance as a 24 month contract at £23 per month.

Top-Up for 3 mobile broadband

3 Mobile broadband tops are available for 1GB, 3GB and 7GB at £10, £15 and £25 respectively. These Top-ups can be done from the My3 website by using a debit or credit card.

3 Business Mobile Broadband

3 Mobile offers business mobile broadband service its customers as 12, 18 and 24 months plan. They provide a data allowance of minimum 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 7GB and 15GB at a minimum of £8.51 to a maximum of £21.27 per month. Extra usage will cost 8.5p per MB. These service work using the 3G HSDPA networks which offers a speed of 2.8Mbps.

3 Mobile Broadband Abroad

3 Mobile broadband provides both Europe and International Roaming facility. All the 3 pay as you go mobile broadband SIM cards are pre-activated for international roaming while the pay monthly SIM cards has to be activated before travelling by contacting the customer service at 0843-373-0500. 3 mobile broadband can be accessed in almost 190 countries around the world. Charges for international roaming might vary based on the location of travel. They have divided the countries around the world in to 1, 2 and 3 bands which costs £1.25, £3 and £6 per MB respectively. However mobile broadband roaming in Ireland is offered at 10p per MB. 3 Mobile is also a member of the Mobile Challengers Group which fights to regulate the roaming facility and reduce the cost of International roaming.

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3 Mobile Broadband Insurance

3 Mobile broadband Insurance is offered for its USB modem and Laptops in case of loss, theft, damage and breakage. Modem Insurance cover is £3.50 per month and Modem plus Laptop cover is £10 per month. This is an optional feature which is provided during the purchase of the modem or laptop online.

3 Mobile Broadband Customer Services

3 Mobile broadband maintains a wide variety of customer service options. Any queries related to the coverage, usage, purchase, top-up, roaming activation and other technical issues customer can use the 3 mobile help and support option.

Customer Service Numbers

3 Mobile phone
: 500
Other Mobile
: 0843-373-0500
Other countries
: +44-7782-333-500
Online sales queries
: 0870-333-3354

Email & Chat Support

Customers can also send email or assign a call back or chat for issues related to billing. Chat support is available during regular business hours between 10am to 8pm.


They also provide a special disability service to help users who have hearing or speech difficulties.

: 800-359-6799

(Minicom is a phone with mini typewriter, allows to key in messages. It does not accept voice calls).

Customers can also write their complaints to,

3 Customer Services, Hutchison 3G UK Ltd, PO Box 333, Glasgow, G2-9AG.